To Kilimanjaro

There is a lot of information given a bout travelling to the roof of Africa at 5895masl. After years of experience as porters, guides and tour consultants, we believe we can share a few tips to make your journey a success story. At your first day in Tanzania , we shall insure that you have sometime with our guide who is going to brief you on what is required and what you should expect. Our guides are gifted with experience and knowledge about Kilimanjaro and are willing to share.

Been mentally prepared is good. Having facts about the mountain from different sources will increase the chances of you reaching the summit. Be free to contact our tour consultants for more information after booking with us. It takes great effort and endurance and is much more like boxing only here you shall be fighting with a giant. The difference is you can develop strategies and tactics while your opponent can’t. You need to know about a lot to plan and plan to win. Learn about the distance and time, the path and elevation, the outfits and weather. “My first time at Kilimanjaro was a nightmare. I signed up as a porter and had no idea where I was going and what to expect. Even thou I made it to the last camp through Machame route, I developed fear of hiking the mountain which was there to stay. I told people that I will never go back to Kilimanjaro again no matter what. It took me ten years in hiking programs to kill the fear (Joshua Mshambala).”

Physical preparation; Other travel philosophers will tell you that it takes to be in a place to be prepared to be there. Fighters fight to fight only sometimes they get more serious. We are organising hiking programs to local hills and mountains. We call this “fit for Kilimanjaro programs”. You need to exercise and make your muscles ready. Imagine walking a distance of 15km on a steep slope after some years of office jobs and driving home from work. Most people train to hike and if by any chance you happen to be there without some kind of training, you my suffer a lot of muscular pain. You will be seeing people passing by as they walk to the next camp and see them as a dot at a distant as you wonder how far do you have to go to be at the camp before you have gone half way. The best way to avoid this is to train. Find yourself a hill and practise by hiking the hill at least three times a week. Cycling can also be good in developing lung capacity. “My first trip to Kilimanjaro gave me a challenge that made me believe that I need more exercise. I saw the hardship I had to endure and how I walked breathing like a woman in labour every now and then looking for a better spot to rest.” This could be anyone who has never had enough time to exercise before attempting mount Kilimanjaro.