At 4565masl (14,980ft), mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania next to Kilimanjaro. It is one of the prominent features that comprises the beauty of Arusha National Park with Momella lakes and Ngordoto crater. The entire park is a paradise at least according to some travellers perspective. Black and white colobus monkeys, giraffes, zebra, elephants and other species of animals seem happy here and sometimes those lakes are flooded with flamingos and other aquatic birds. This is to say that Arusha national park is a good spot for hiking, game viewing and canoeing. On your way to the summit at least at the forest and moorland zones, you shall be seeing a lot of wildlife species and there are good spots for watching and enjoying. Check out our itinerary to this amazing national park. The difference between our four days and three days tour itinerary is that, one day is added to cut the descending distance for those who would need to rest at the pack and walk slowly seven kilometres as they enjoy taking pictures and saving memories of their wonderful tour. Instead of just descending from the summit to the gate, the four days tour shall let you pause a night and rest at Miriakamba hut.

Three days tour

Day 1 : Momella gate – Miriakamba Hut
Elevation: 4,921 ft to 8,250 ft
Habitat: Montane Forest,
Distance: 14 km,
Hiking Time: 4-6 hours

Transfer to Momella gate from the hotel and sign up. The climbing should begin soon after registration and the path cutting through the motane forest full of black and white colobus monkeys shall be opening up occasionally to small plains where elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, and other grazers can be seen foraging. A climb at this part of the mountain is always escorted by an armed ranger. We shall have our lunch break at a wonderful site then keep on climbing through the forest and to Miriakamba hut. Dinner and overnight at Miriakamba hut.

Day 2: Miriakamba hut – Saddle hut
Elevation: 8,250 ft to 11,712 ft
Habitat: Forest and Moorland,
Distance: 8 km,
Hiking Time: 3-5 hours.

After breakfast at Miriakamba hut, the journey to Saddle hut commence. The path gets stepper as the forest opens up to give room to the moorlands. Now the volcanic features are vivid and you can see the Meru crater, volcanic cones and other amazing volcanic features. At least in the afternoon we shall be already at the saddle hut and after a hot lunch and a good rest, you will have a chance to hike little Meru at 3820masl where the view is breathtaking plus is a wonderful spot to watch sunset. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Saddle hut – The summit – Momella gate
Elevation: 11,712 ft to 14,977 ft
Habitat: Alpine Desert Moorland and Montane forest.
Distance: 5 km up 13 km down
Hiking Time: 12 – 14 hours

Our journey begins early on a mission to catch sun rise at the summit of Mount Meru. Waking up at 1:30am and getting prepared, you shall be served a hot cup of tea or coffee with biscuits and after that the journey begins. The path cuts through the alpine desert and get steeper to Rhino point 3,800masl and Cobra point 4,250masl. At a perfect day when the sky is clear enough, the beauty of the land can be magnificent as the tropical sun rays a reflected from the volcanic bodies. Our path back to Momella gate shall be long and enjoyable. We shall have a long lunch break at saddle hut and proceed the descent to the gate after. After signing out at the gate we shall drive back to the hotel where you shall have enough time to take a long hot water shower.

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