This is a miniature wildlife paradise often known for its tree climbing lions. The park covers an area of 320sq km where 220 sq kilometers is Lake Manyara which this park got its name. Diverse habitat for wildlife have made it possible for endemic, exotic, vulnerable and very rare species to multiply in great number. This is a park believed to have the greatest elephant bio-mas. At least because of the large water bodies, aquatic animals can successfully claim their rights to enjoy. The lake, flood plains and marsh lands, grasslands, riverines, groundwater forest, escarpment, Acacia woodlands, lake shore, swamp, and hot water spring are among the features that contribute to the beauty of the park.

A day trip: Manyara National Park

An airport transfer on arrival. Dinner and overnight at Arusha town.

Begin the journey to Manyara after breakfast. The road cuts through semi arid plains scarcely inhabited by humans but often used for grazing domestic animals and cut through traditional villages and subsist-ant farms. It is 130 km from Arusha town to the park and should take at least 3 hours.

Begin game drive immediately after arrival and follow designated trails which cut through lush underground forest and lead through the rest of the beauty. Large herds of buffaloes, elephants, zebra, wildebeest and antelopes will be grazing along the way interrupted by occasional hunting down or escape from a predator. This park is also famous for holding large troops of baboons. It is said that a troop can contain at least 200 individual adults leaving aside infants.

The forest opens and the trail leads through acacia woodlands doted with the legendary baobab and Combretum trees among others. The landscape then becomes almost clear with conspicuous hills, escarpment, the lake and some hot water springs and at a perfect day we could catch sight of what could only be defined as magnificent.

Lunch break and proceed with game viewing to the evening. Don’t forget to carry a camera to catch some beauty for future reference and memory. You can also include binoculars or spy glasses in your list of items.

The journey back to Arusha will begin in the evening. Dinner and overnight at Arusha.