The interface of the village is all about the open smiling people, banana plantations looks green and provide interesting sighting!.

Visitor can embark on interesting tour that will take them closer to a banana tree. In the farm visitors will spend part of their glorious time to learn how banana trees are planted, identify various varieties and species of banana grown on slopes of Mount Meru & Kilimanjaro. Visitors will also participate in planting a banana tree with a host farmer. After the farm experience, see and learn how different varieties of banana are used by local people. This session will take visitors to learn how banana wine and beer is locally brewed, which varieties are cooked, learn how to preserve bananas for various future uses without using any machine or chemical. The traditional thriving community runs a project in which banana handcraft making interest many visitors. There is more to life here beyond the banana leaves which are used to make hats, table mats, jackets and other items through the community handcraft project.

The magical banana tour takes 1-2 hours and can be combined with a waterfall/coffee tour for those visitors coming for half day.