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Be the fast to experience our hiking programs.
We have just begun and we are working hard to build a legacy in adventurous activities and the tourism industry.
Climb with us the mountains of Tanzania and explore the most pristine destinations.

At the Meru land
Within the slopes of the famous Mount Meru, we have being hiking these beautiful hills and offering fit for kili programs. These programs will let you have the following adventures:

  • Mount Meru village full day hiking
  • Seela Shimbumbu hill hiking
  • A hike to Rumale hill
  • A hike to Nkwerangya and Kirundumin waterfalls

It is through this programs where we developed a program that will ensure your journey to the roof of Africa (The summit of Mt Kilimanjaro) a success story. The fit for kili program will get you phisically fit and ready to climb Mt Meru and or Kilimanjaro. You can begin the training with us and start your success story and journey.

Please let us introduce you to our hiking philosophy and team you up with great and adventourous people in our organisation.

Fit for kili program: A one week sample itinerary.
Day 1: Getting introduced to the program with a cycling tour around the rugged lands of the Wameru people… Click here to see more information.

Day 2: Seela shimbumbu hill hiking
The tour begins at Poli Barazani a historical site and proceed to Makitengo waterfalls through Seela Market then to Shimbumbu hills standing at 1520masl… Read more

Day 3: Mount Meru village full day hiking.
This tour will take you to approximately 1820masl at Kilimanjaro peak and creater lakes. On your way, you will pass through local beer preparation sites, waterfalls and swimming pools… Read more

Mount Meru climbing
At 4565masl (14,980ft), mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania next to Kilimanjaro. It is one of the prominent features that comprises the beauty of Arusha National Park with Momella lakes and Ngordoto crater. The entire park is a paradise at least according to some travellers perspective. Black and white colobus monkeys, giraffes, zebra, elephants and other species of animals seem happy here and sometimes those lakes are flooded with flamingos and other aquatic birds. This is to say that Arusha national park is a good spot for hiking, game viewing and canoeing. On your way to the summit at least at the forest and moorland zones, you shall be seeing a lot of wildlife species and there are good spots for watching and enjoying. Check out our itinerary to this amazing national park. The difference between our four days and three days tour itinerary is that, one day is added to cut the descending distance for those who would need to rest at the pack and walk slowly seven kilometres as they enjoy taking pictures and saving memories of their wonderful tour. Instead of just descending from the summit to the gate, the four days tour shall let you pause a night and rest at Miriakamba hut.

You can climb this mountain as part of our fit for kili program or as a stand alone tour. Click to see Mt Meru tour itinerary

Kilimanjaro climbing

It takes more days, more energe and courage to summit this great mountain but it should pay out. At 5895masl, it is shinning white with snow just afew kilometers from the equator with the tropical sun ever blazing. The mountain has managed to create it’s own type of climate with some species of plants endemic to this zone. A walk on this mountain sometimes can give you an impression of being in other planets. All the routes to the summit shall give you a path through the forest zone with large and tall trees, shrubs, herbs, moss and ferns. Birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians live happily here and as you rise and climb higher, the forest opens to heather and moorlands which expose rock, gorges, lava cones and other volcanic features to the alpine desert and the snow capped kibo peak. Sign up with us to an amazing adventure to the world second highest mountain and let us take you to Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro routes

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