An intelligent hikers prepare for hiking. Hiking is a sport like boxing or marathon where you need to be emotionally stable and strong as well as physically fit to win. People are always happy to be on top of great mountains mostly because they overcome their fear and conquered the pain and they are now there like other great people who made it. With the help of great philosophers, travel consultants, guides and tour operators, we have developed a therapy and hiking programs that should make your trip to the greatest mountains 99% successful.

Our strategic position at the base of mount Meru (the fifth highest mountain in Africa at 4,562masl ) has given us a platform where we can design local hiking programs to local hills for hikers on a daily basis before attempting Mount Kilimanjaro(the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain worldwide). Our physical training include cycling on rugged country side and hiking local hills and to mount Meru. To begin with us, you will be required to provide a medical check up permit and a certificate of insurance. We need to be sure that we are not taking risks with clients that are out to commit suicide.

Hiking programs