The nongovernmental organization community based that supports community direct or indirectly through different initiatives that conserve the environment. The project for environmental conservation involves schools and widows in different ways.

  1. Coffee planting- coffee as use to be main cash crop. Need planting hybrid coffee to replace the traditional coffee that are old and more pests and diseases.

What we do: – our organization prepares the best seedlings hybrid TACRI3F and TACRI 6F to replace traditional coffee plants. The seedlings will be offered to widows and planted by our dedicated staff for her, the part or role she will do is management and maintenance of the seedlings . in the next two years, the tree will start producing. Coffee harvested will be bought by Ifulong and sold to our client as organic coffee. That will generate immediate income for widows and children.

Tree planting

3. Trees planting- the project aims at planting trees on those areas where needs trees. River banks and springs that are located in the village. The program is done and practiced with our visitors that visits our village.

One tree planting for every 1-3 clients.

The trees allocated for planting are sourced in local trees gardens in the village. the indigenous trees cordial Africana, avocado, albizzia spp, fig trees are the trees mostly planted.

Volunteering programs and activities