We organize agro-tourism in Arusha Tanzania. This is a tourism which relates to visiting farm lands. The agro-tourism will immerse our clients on the best traditional farming practices and let them sample a variety of our products ( Commercial and non – commercial)

The commercial crops that clients may learn from the scratch include:

  1. Coffee farming – Commercial and non – commercial
  2. Vanilla farming – organic farming of vanilla
  3. Rice farming or padding
  4. Vegetables farming or padding
  5. Spice farming including:
    • Turmeric (cucuma long)
    • Cinnamon farming
    • Ginger farming
    • Black pepper
  6. Cow keeping – Zero grazing, free range and commercial
  7. Fish keeping
  8. The package is intended for students at different levels, researchers and other special interest groups across the globe. The program is oriented in a way that can work as volunteer program at specific time of the year or clients can visit a farm in a half day or full day tour for learning purpose.