‘Ifulong’ is derived from a Meru tribe word which originally is ‘IFULO’. It stands for a seasonal river valley with fertile banks that people use for growing various seasonal grains and vegetable.

Ifulong Cultural Tourism Enterprise (ICTE) is a community-based run cultural tourism enterprises that foster environmental and cultural resources preservation and wise-use while improving livelihoods of the local communities by providing additional income in their daily economic activities. Mostly the enterprise supports small scale farmers, livestock keepers and cultural entrepreneurs in the Villages of Poli and Njoro. The enterprise promotes responsible travel that ensures win-win situation. It ensures that a cultural tourism operation in these rural villages is beneficial to everyone; it should provide an income to local people while giving visitors an unforgettable experience-back to essence!

All the activities takes place on the magnificent slopes of Mount Meru, the 2nd highest peak in Tanzania & 5th highest in Africa-a cousin brother of the revered Kilimanjaro. The volcanic activities of Mount Meru have created a bunch of hills and valleys with fertile land. Some created hills can be climbed in an hour to get breath-taking views of the surrounding farms, rivers, village settlements and the nearby towns of Usa river, Tengeru and the crater lakes-Lake Duluti

Ifulong CTE has a vision of preserving and promoting Meru culture, promoting environmental conservation and improving organic coffee farming activities on the slopes of Mount Meru. Coffee and banana farming has been a backbone to the lives of many Meru families for decades. If left to perish due to seasonal economic and climatic pressures, many families will be in danger of not managing to get daily meals. Our current initiative is to do practical education to local farmers on how best coffee production can be done at the farm and linking them directly with coffee consumers for better paying coffee markets.

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